The Move from Seattle to Anderson

An Interview with Eugene Luskin

Can you tell us a little about Sync.MD?

Sync.MD patented technology enables individuals to securely store their complete and current health care records, and updated information on their smartphone for seamless sharing of medical records with healthcare providers. Sync.MD helps solve the problem of connecting otherwise incompatible medical records systems, as well as meet the specific needs of our veterans or those who require specialized care beyond their usual healthcare provider. The company’s innovative technology enables higher quality coordination of care, which means better outcomes and reduced costs for patients.

In simple terms, we are what you would call a “digital suitcase” for every individual – that’s all of us

Sync.MD was founded in Seattle, WA, and you made the decision to move your entire company to Anderson, SC last year. Why?

Sync.MD was founded mostly by former Microsoft employees, that’s why our original headquarters ended up being in Redmond, WA. However, being surrounded by huge corporations like Microsoft, Amazon, and others has its downside, mostly because it becomes hard to get attention from potential clients and customers being a small company. Upstate SC’s environment is pretty much the opposite – people here are much more interested in talking with smaller, way more dynamic companies, rather than typical “big tech” structures. We feel like we found a hidden gem here, where a phenomenal business climate and southern hospitality create a truly open-door environment.

Have you found the area to be “business friendly”?

In the beginning, we weren’t really sure how our company would be received by the people we met on our first visit in February 2021. But it became clear to us that the values of our company are very much aligned with what South Carolina is all about. The support of the community is prominent in all conversations. It ensures that any company that was embraced by South Carolina as one of their own becomes part of the family, and we are very honored and humbled to be embraced in this way. Every day that has passed, we are thankful for every person we meet.

What have you found to be unique about this area?

South Carolina is a definite hidden gem: the people, the history, its spiritual foundation are what make South Carolina a gem.

How has your team adjusted to the move?

We don’t really think there was any adjustment! – well maybe, the humidity in July and August was a little adjustment (laughing), but really, there was no adjustment. We embraced our new home state.

Have you felt supported by the community?

Very much so and in more ways than we could have imagined.

What advice to you have for anyone looking to relocate their family or business to the Carolina Crescent region?

Core values are important and when this is aligned, the opportunities are boundless and the quality of life achievable.


About Eugene: Eugene has over 12 years of CEO experience out of 20+ total years in software/firmware/hardware development industry. A computer science graduate from the University of Haifa (Israel), his technology background includes a variety of roles at large companies such as Microsoft, Intel and Parametric as well as advisory and executive positions at several startups.

Prior to founding VYRTY Corporation, as a Chairman and CEO of Lagotek Corporation, he successfully managed the company for 7 years from inception, building a uniquely assembled team, releasing multiple versions of the software platform and over 10 hardware product lines, managing international manufacturing processes, steadily growing revenue numbers and structuring multiple funding rounds. Eugene has multiple issued and pending patents.

During 7 years spent at Microsoft, Eugene’s responsibilities ranged from developing core parts of MS OLAP Server to managing processes and projects of designing, releasing and deploying a company wide data instrumentation, collection and ingestion platforms, driving cross team adoption with multiple engineering and marketing departments, working closely with legal, security and privacy professionals to receive compliance certifications in accordance with the US and International regulations and coping with the increasingly sophisticated demands of data producers and consumers while maintaining high levels of data availability and reliability.

While at Intel, Eugene was leading development, implementation and project structure definitions of tools for inductance calculation in microprocessors, including screening, extraction, scan-line based and other algorithms.

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